James L. Perez, Attorney at Law

I was born in Spohn Hospital on Shoreline drive in Corpus Christi, Texas on Mother’s Day Weekend, May 9, 1975.  In 1980, my family and I moved to Southern California.  Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I lived in several different cities in the Southern California area.  In 1993, I graduated with academic honors and athletic accolades from Hamilton High School, a very small school high in the mountains of Riverside County, in a town called Anza, California. In the fall of 1993, I started college at Texas A&M University. In The fall of 1996, I enrolled at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.   In the summer of 1999, I received my Bachelor of Social Work degree from Texas State University.  Over the course of my three years at Texas State University, I became a Founding Father and Vice President of the Omega Delta Phi fraternity, one of the university’s first Hispanic fraternities.  

In the Fall of 1997, I was the victim of police brutality and from that moment on I made a commitment to finish my undergraduate degree and become a lawyer to fight against social injustices, such as police brutality. In January of 2000, I went to work to save money for law school and began working for The State of Texas as a Child Protective Services caseworker in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Knowing that I had plans to become an attorney, I chose to be a caseworker in the “conservatorship” division, where I regularly observed and participated in court hearings and helped the courts decide what was in the “best interest of the children”. In August of 2001, I started law school at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.  As a minority student, with very little financial assistance, I was forced to work many long hours in the Fred Parks Law Library in order to make ends meet. During my last year of law school, I did my internship at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Houston, near the medical center.  In May of 2005, I graduated from South Texas College of Law and received my Doctorate Degree of Jurisprudence. In May of 2006, the State Bar of Texas licensed me as a Texas Attorney. 

Since 2006, I have been fighting criminal defense, family law, and personal injury cases in Wharton and surrounding counties.  I am a proud resident of Wharton County since August of 2004 and I really enjoy living and practicing law here in Wharton County and surrounding areas.  I am passionate about my practice and I take pride in fighting for my clients’ rights.  As a former Social Worker and now Licensed Attorney since 2006, I possess the personal experience, quality of education, and courtroom skills that empower me to fight for YOU and for SOCIAL JUSTICE!